Frequently Asked Questions

What are the oils you use for your soap?
60 % of our base is olive oil, the rest is responsively sourced palm oil (R.S.P.O. certified), coconut oil, vegetable sourced vitamin E and aloe.

Why is olive oil your main ingredient?
The chemical makeup of olive oil is close to your bodies natural oil produced by the skin. It is noncomedogenic, meaning that while it is an oil it does not clog pores. Also, when used as the main oil in soap, it makes a very gentle soap that is great for use on the body and face.

How is your soap different than the soap at the grocery store?
Many commercially made "soaps" aren't even technically soap. Look at the labels, many of them are called "beauty bars" or "bath bars" or something to that effect. Why? Because they aren't soap. They are detergent bars made with industrial detergents. To compensate for the harshness of the detergents they add other chemicals to make them less drying. It doesn't make sense, but it is cheap and that is great for the shareholders! Our soap has no detergents and every oil we use makes for a gentle, long lasting bar.

Do you use any animal products in your soap?

I bought some soap from you at a Farmers Market and I wanted to order more but i don't see it listed on your website!
Ok, first off that is not a question because it ends with an exclamation mark, but to that point we make over 200 different soaps! We always try to have something new for people to discover. Over 70% of the soap we make every week are customer requests. If you don't see it listed on our website or at our booth at the Farmers Market just ask and we would be happy to make it for you!

Why are your bars of soap so big?
Thats an easy one. When we first started making soap we went around and looked at a lot of the other handmade soaps. One thing we noticed was that they WERE ALL TINY BARS! Like something you might put out when company was coming. We didn't want to make a precious little bar that sat in a soap dish hoping a guest would just have to wash their hands one day. We wanted to make a bar that would sit in your shower and be a soap that you would pick up and enjoy every day. A real bar of soap.